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"A dog will only do what you allow him to do"
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Contact/About Us

Since 1995 we’ve raised Labradors and kids. Our children have competed and proven their females before choosing an appropriate stud to improve our line. This family project has helped offset the price of higher education for all of our children, but it is a lot of work.

Now the kids are married and living their own lives. Max and Lori as a team have been very successful in the field proving the dogs ability to hunt by training and then testing them with the Working Certificate and AKC Junior Hunt tests.

Even at a very young age our pups have great coloring with black noses, lips and pads of their feet, indicating quality breeding.
As a family we’ve invested a lot of time, money and dedication to the Labrador Retriever Breed, priority being the betterment of the breed by using great dogs.

Our Mottos:

  • A dog will only do what you allow it to do
  • You CAN outsmart a dog
  • Be consistent, set boundaries for behavior
  • Be firm but be kind


It is best to contact us via email at, I check that email several times a day. Our home number is (810) 479-1667, you can call us there also.

We do keep a list of those interested in a puppy, please see the puppy information page of this website.

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