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This page contains the stories shared by others who own a Brockdorff Lab. Share your story!

Hazel, the Greatest Dog We Ever Hoped For
Mark and Beth
Hazel at 1 year old, June 2016 I just wanted to share a one year photo of Hazel (ACE X Cosmo 2015 litter) and give you a brief update. She is the sweetest and greatest dog we could ever have hoped for. She has lots of energy and loves to play and ruff house with my son's dog, which is a lab. The two of them wear each other out. She goes to day care when I'm at work and loves it. She gets along very well with other animals and loves to swim. We took her to a friend's lake house and almost had to drag her out of the lake. Both Beth and I are totally in love with her. We have talked about possibly getting a second (we might be crazy), you never know. P.S. Hazel is in her favorite spot, right in front of the sink when I'm trying to make dinner. Mark

Great Resources Shared
B. Hohman
Pepper Von Brockdorff Our Veterinarian met Pepper for the first time at 8 1/2 weeks old. he was very, very impressed with the booklet that you gave to us. He doesn't remember any other breeder doing such a great job sharing credible resources. We, of course, said how wonderful you all were and how special you are. Thanks for all you do Bunny

Grace - my fitness coach
Laura Nisbett
I saw your web site listed in the paper and wanted to check it out. It brought back great memories from when we were at your home and met and purchased "Grace". We had just lost our beloved Troop after almost 14 years and we went to your house just to "look" at puppies. LOL I enjoyed seeing photos of Suzie and Maggie as they are Grace's mom and grandma. I also loved seeing the grown up pictures of "Taz". Taz was one of Grace's littermates. Grace is a fabulous dog. She and I walk every single day anywhere from 2-5 miles outside in ALL weather conditions. If I don't get the message that she is ready to go, then she will bring me my walking shoes with a precious look like "come on, I have been waiting all day for this!!!" Thank you for raising amazing puppies :)

KIRBY my new vacum
Lori Kanas
I want to thank the Brockdorff family for raising my new puppy with the best out going temperment a puppy could have....Kirby is so sweet,smart....I've never owned a 8wk old puppy that could run up & down like this one can...Very sound & typee,just what I've been looking for...Many thanks Brockdroff family Lori Kanas

Only a Brockdorff Pup
Lisa Carr June 2010
Homer and Christmas with his family This is Homer, he just turned 7 June 11th. His mom was the one and only Maggie, and dad Shadow Grass Chase. Homer is extremely smart and has the best personality. He does anything you ask with eagerness to please. We will only ever own labs, and only ever own Brockdorff labs. I know Max, Lori, and family only search for the best breeding combinations to make healthy winning dogs for show, field, or just to love!

Submited by: Jackie
Koda 10 months old Last August we suddenly lost our 7 year old lab. We found we couldn't live without him so we contacted Brockdorff's about their puppies. I picked the one that "cuddled" under my chin, and named him Koda. I constantly tell him he has "big paws to fill", and he has really stepped up to that task. He was very easy to crate train, recently we have given him full run of the house and he has been well behaved. He really listens and loves to please, making training easy. At 11 months and 75 pounds, he still loves to "cuddle".

Fun, warm and personal experience
Susan Witus
Cassidy finds her family July 2010 I purchased Cassidy after a year on the waiting list and am so pleased, she's a phenomenal dog. I have her trained to come and sit at 7 1/2 weeks old (I think she was already trained to come by a whistle when I got her) She still seems to be looking for Karl when I whistle, she looks around - it's kinda funny and cute. So due to chapped lips I make a kissing sound which she is associating with me now. I just can't thank you enough for making this such a fun, warm and personal experience, Lori, Karl and Max.

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