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Pet Therapy

What is Pet Therapy?

The primary objective of the therapy dog and handler is to provide comfort and companionship by sharing their certified dog with those that are in need. This is done in a way that increases emotional well-being, promotes healing, and improves the quality of life for the people involved.

The dogs bring sparkle to a solemn day, provide a lively subject for conversation, and rekindle old memories of previously owned pets. Pet Therapy Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; real dogs with real personalities and real love to share. Some have pedigrees, some not, all are loved by the volunteers that own and share them.

The first time a dog prances in, most people do a double take. A split second later broad smiles stretch across faces. Regardless of how people look or feel, the dogs are happy to see them. Typically, there is an immediate response to the tail wagging greetings and warm paws.

Pet therapy at the library-Children relax and read,
they may not read to an adult but they will to a dog, amazing.
Taz and Ace were asked to meet with this handicapped Boy Scout troop,
and met a nice group of people; some had never been with a dog.
Ace and Taz at the afterschool reading program, where one little boy read out loud for the first time, making much needed progress. His instructors were so excited, with tears in their eyes told us, "we never heard him read out loud before, we didn’t know he could." These thank you cards were from the children, how sweet.
Ace takes these seniors minds off of their problems during our visits
to the nursing homes; he brings a smile to their faces.
Volunteering for Emergency Management for the recovery phase of any event and when pet therapy is requested. Clockwise, Ace at the TV studio with Bill Gilmer and Phil Hudson, Ace at Kimball Township’s cooling center, and ACE with Mitchell at the cooling center, opened for Township residents.

Pet Therapy at local Funeral Homes

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