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"A dog will only do what you allow him to do"
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Puppy Information

Playing with the neighbor kids
Fill out this online form to be put on the list, and call Lori to see if we are accepting deposits.  Your deposit reserves a male or female depending on your choice.  Please call or email Lori to determine availability.

We will contact you when puppies are born.  Those that have sent deposits will be contacted first.  Then those that are on the list.

As the deposits are received that is how we establish the "pick".  We will guide you during your pick-up as to what pup will fit your family best.

Puppies will:

  • Have been socialized with people, raised in the family setting
  • Come to a whistle
  • Have their first set of shots
  • Have been de-wormed

Suggestions following purchase:

  • Spay or neuter your pup when your veterinarian deems it appropriate and receive a $50 refund when sending a copy of the receipt from your veterinarian.
  • Name your puppy then follow it with von Brockdorff example – Buck von Brockdorff, call name "Buck". Von Brockdorff means, from Brockdorff which will indicate on your official documents where you received your pup from. We are requesting this as a courtesy, but it is not part of the signed agreement.
  • Microchip your puppy as soon as your vet will take care of it, this will safe guard your pup if it is lost or stolen.
  • DO NOT LET YOUR DOG JUMP DOWN, off the top of a deck, a tailgate or anything over 2 ½ feet from ground level. The pups hips are not fully formed and he may damage himself and be very uncomfortable the rest of his life. 10 months is the general rule before they should be jumping, 2 years before the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals will certify them, when they complete their growth.

Ace with his 3 week old puppies

After 7 weeks of feeding, caring for, and cleaning up after puppies, Karl and Taz are both ready for them to go home to their new families.
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