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Brockdorff Labradors were asked to be a part of the movie "Pitiful". They were looking for a yellow Labrador to play the part of a service dog for a blind actor. Cosmo went and hung out with some theater/movie folks for a couple days.

The movie was about a young teenager that had her pit bull puppy taken away, because the community didn’t allow them. The young girl went in front of the judge pleading to keep her puppy. The judge was Dean Cain, and the Veterinarian is Tara Reid (Hollywood star). Cosmo filmed 3 scenes with the actors, and was adored by all.

We met some really nice folks , in fact Dean Cain spoke to me (Lori Brockdorff) about all the animals he has worked with, we spoke about Pet Therapy and how these wonderful dogs can improve our lives. Here is a little video about our experience.

Conformation Ring September 2016

VIDEO Interview about Pet Therapy with Bill Gilmer on

What is a Labrador retriever?
Retriever Life’s Dr. Frances O. Smith, DVM, PhD, explains the differences in American vs. British and Field vs. Conformation
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