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Working Certificate

The Working Certificate program provides a way for Labrador owners to experience and develop an appreciation for the natural working abilities of their dogs without the lengthy and expensive commitment the competitive performance events require. Here are a few of their requirements (complete guidelines can be found on this website

  • The dog is not gun shy
  • The dog will retrieve a shot bird at 50 yards on land in light cover
  • The dog will retrieve two ducks from swimming water in immediate succession, to prove willingness to re-enter the water.
  • Steadiness is not required, so a dog may be held on the line
  • The owner of any AKC registered Labrador Retriever which successfully completes a Working Test is eligible for a Working Certificate

WC WCX Land Explanation

   A simple toy cap gun gets the young dogs accustom to the sound of a gun in the beginning of training.
   Seeing the dogs in their natural state, retrieving for the first time in water, is exciting.

The Huron River Labrador Retriever Club’s monthly training uses real ducks to get the dogs ready for the WC test.

The Working Certificate event is a fun day with handlers from all over Michigan talking about dogs, training techniques, and sharing their knowledge.

Teams from left are Flash and Nick, Ace and Lori, and Karl and Taz,
all waiting to approach the line.

Nick with Flash 3yrs. (Taz’s puppy)

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